Smile for the camera #VilakaziCCTV

By Tshepiso Tshabalala - We bet criminals in Soweto, Vilakazi Street were admitted to hospital due to high stress levels. I mean, how are they going to work with the #VilakaziCCTV camera system watching them like hawks? The #VilakaziCCTV launch comes after the Manager of Sakhumzi restaurant was shot during a botched robbery earlier this... Continue Reading →

Polo giants will collide at Inanda Club

By Tshepiso Tshabalala - Fashion, good food and a great Polo tournament is what you should expect at the 2017 #InandaAfricaCup that will be taking place at the Inanda club on August 20th. On that day African Polo masters will go head to head. We're talking about giants from Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and not... Continue Reading →

Metrobus for the Metro City

By Tsephiso Tsabalala - Buses, buses... worst mode of transport right? Hahaha you’re wrong and clearly missing out on the #JoburgMetrobus experience. Jozi’s finest, cleanest, safest and cheapest bus. Whether you use it to go to work or school, you’ll enjoy the ride with no hassles. Did we mention that it’s cheaper to use the... Continue Reading →

Jozi’s facelift is coming!

By Tshepo Tau  Jo'burgers we are close to walking the streets of the city without fear of going live on the Grams. The city is getting a facelift, getting rid of all the hijacked buildings that naysayers point to whenever we brag about being the New York of Africa. We are pretty sure you have... Continue Reading →

Bridging the muddy crossing in Diepsloot

By Tshepiso Tshabalala City of Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba and MMC of Transport Nhlanhla Makhuba walked the talk in Diepsloot in their orange construction outfits ready to get their hands dirty, this gave birth to the #DiesplootBridge on twitter. In between holding a shovel and keeping an eye on the process, Mashaba had to brief... Continue Reading →

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