102 years of history lives at the Johannesburg Art Gallery

By ^GZ – The digital team and I went on a #ExploreJoburg trip and this time we seized a short escapade downtown to the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG) located in the centre of Joubert Park. We went there to appreciate the art and to marvel at the 102-year-old vintage building.


I’d like to call what I experienced at the gallery an “artventure”. I generally enjoy art in my personal capacity and I am an artist myself in many forms. I studied Art in high school and I was pretty good at sketching and painting so I have a great appreciation for the world of art as a whole and I enjoy observing and taking in other people’s art forms.


I love how the venue is divided into separate rooms, where each room I walked into was an experience. The building leads visitors of the gallery in a circular movement where the last room leads guests back to the entrance. There is also a store at the back of the building where people can purchase some of the artworks on display, purchase books, clothing items as well as jewellery pieces.

Art for me is not only visual but spiritual and I felt like I was in the presence of the people who created the artworks. It was truly a beautiful and haunting feeling to take in the works of all the talented artists that made their contributions towards the gallery. I encourage everyone to pay the venue a visit and take in all the history that is archived.

Join me next time as I uncover new places to explore in the City.


The Johannesburg Art Gallery is at the corner of Klein and King George streets, Joubert Park, Johannesburg. Entrance is free.

Details: jag@joburg.org.za, www.friendsofjag.org or 011 725 3130


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