Still finding my way around the Joburg maze

By ^PS – I must say it’s been a huge transition staying and working in Joburg. I come from the platinum city of Rustenburg in the North West and I am still trying to make sense of the hurly-burly pace of the city of gold.

I stayed in Joburg while studying at the University of Johannesburg in Auckland Park. I stayed in different locations throughout my study period. These ranged from Braamfontein, Brixton, Honeydew to Midrand, but I still cannot really tell you which is which even today. Maybe I had buried my nose too deep in my books.

Two weeks ago, I took a drive around the streets of Joburg and thanks to GPS, I was able to get back to my flat in Braamfontein in one piece. The city has a lot of exciting places, little gems that are hidden in places unimaginable, which captured my soul even though I couldn’t tell where I was.

I spent about three hours in the city driving from one place to the other and I took beautiful pictures that even to date I cannot tell where each picture was taken. I have since decided that I have to #ExploreJoburg thoroughly and let my eyes be met by beautiful and unique things this forming mining city has to offer.

My mini tour taught me a lot of things. First, I am able to explore, create memories and find treasures in little things. Second, I am patient because my heart yearns for more and lastly I have found inner peace in the things that I thought were not important.

So dear Joburgers and fellow migrants like me, don’t get tied up to one place. Go out and #ExploreJoburg. Find yourself and create beautiful memories you will one day share with your children. ^PS


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