How I fell in love at the Johannesburg Zoo

By ^GZ – February, the month of love, is such a fitting time to catch feelings and that’s exactly what happened to me – I fell in love at the Johannesburg Zoo.


From my childhood days, I’ve had the biggest love for elephants and all I ever want to see whenever I go to a zoo are elephants; and lucky me, our recent #ExploreJoburg adventure just had to be at the Johannesburg Zoo.

The zoo has the most beautiful and majestic elephants. All that was missing was for me to touch one of them, then I would have labelled this #ExploreJoburg zoo venture my absolute favourite!


Our tour at the zoo started off with the birds where the swans, pink flamingos and peacocks proudly walked, displaying their beautiful feathers.

I left the pack and moved on to watch the slimy hippos lazing about in the pond. After being lost by myself for a while but enjoying the venue, I spotted the cheeky Red River Hog during what looked like its lunch time and it did not seem to be enjoying its meal very much. I was intrigued by its behaviour, so I stayed a while to see what the story was. I watched it wrestle with its food and finally tipping over its feeding container to demonstrate its displeasure.


After that welcomed and amusing tantrum from the hog, at last I found the rest of my pack and we moved along swiftly enjoying our walk around the zoo. At this point, we were thirsty and famished and wished we had brought a picnic basket to enjoy the green space the zoo has to offer.

“Elephants have such a regal presence and a warm aura about them and everyone should have the opportunity to be near them.”

To save the best for last, I saw Elle. He was majestic and beautiful. He was walking out of what looked like his sleeping quarters. Tusks and trunk out, he slowly dragged his big feet on the ground. It looked like he had just woken up from a nap and was feeling as thirsty as I was. With every move he made, it felt like I was watching a movie in slow motion. He was beautiful.

I rushed over to try to get a good photo or two, but he was too far… Nonetheless, at this point my heart was full and happy. So I just watched him stretch his legs and take big gulps of water using his trunk. It was the best thing I’ve seen in a while. My heart was doing backflips. I wouldn’t mind going back to the zoo just to see Elle again. Elephants have such a regal presence and a warm aura about them and everyone should have the opportunity to be near them.

Visit the Johannesburg Zoo and go see all of the magnificent wildlife the zoo has to offer right in the heart of our City.



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