Taboo never loses its shine


By ^NS –

In some rooms you are always trapped, you enter them with grim purpose and leave them as soon as you can. Others invite you to settle and nestle in. Some buildings lift your spirit, others kill it.”

Whether you describe yourself as a night or morning person, it doesn’t matter because after a night at Taboo, you’ll be both.

Having just celebrated 14 years of being SA’s number one clubbing and entertainment venue, Taboo has become a reputable brand catering for an elite clientele. I was quite astounded by the massive space the club has, the lavish and decadent interiors complimented by the breathtaking skyline of Sandton.

My next question is, can I please move in?

What people don’t know is how hard the staff works to put the show together. “We plan from Monday to Thursday, one lounge transforms into an office with a graphics team, marketing team, director and the works,” says Taboo Social Media and Brand Coordinator, Hloni Maniers.

Taboo is open from 10pm to 5am on Friday and Saturday, but 1am to 5am are their busiest hours, which proves that folks only come alive in the night time!

Don’t wear too many clothes. I’d say the less the better. Clubs get stuffy, so it’s best to keep it publicly decent.

14523137_10157669747120455_3107934549725189771_nWhat to expect? Word of mouth says Taboo is top of the crop but I can’t be biased. A journalist must always stay objective, right? However, I had a great time. The club has an amazing demeanour and aura. It boasts  an extension of lounges including the Cocoon Champagne and Cigar Lounge, which offer a more intimate backdrop.


I was privileged to join veteran DJ Waxxy at his birthday celebration and ‘Yini’ single launch at Taboo that night. The lineup included the likes of Reason, Nadia Nakai, Queen Vee, Brickz, Pitch Black Afro, YFM’s DJ Sabby, Black Lez, and was hosted by dancehall artist Buffalo Soldier. It’s honestly so refreshing to see local artists working together, with global media houses such as Trace Africa, making an appearance like they did that night.

Taboo nightclub gets the green stamp! #ExploreJoburg


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