Another side to the Joburg nightlife

By ^GZ – I had a one-woman #ExploreJoburg venture at the Bridges That Connect Us art exhibition and auction in Joburg recently.

Not only was I without the team this time around, but this one-woman #ExploreJoburg endeavor was at night. I was exploring the other side of the Joburg nightlife and it turns out that it’s not only about the clubs and party scene, but that there are actually some people who spend their Thursday nights at an art exhibition in downtown Jozi. It was refreshing to see and to experience.


This particular art exhibition and auction was arranged by Ornico Media, a research company that strives to connect the City and art with brand owners; creating opportunities by connecting people. The company was also celebrating a relocation from Sandton to Joburg, a move driven by the rich culture of art that exists in the inner-city of Joburg.


The proceeds of the auction went towards the development of Malvern Primary School and the empowerment of the school’s pupils, who were present at the event and performed a dance routine to entertain the guests. Invited art lovers and businessmen and women were very generous by participating in the charity initiative. They managed to purchase a number of the artworks on display on the night, ultimately giving back to the pupils of Malvern Primary School.

Art is known to be a lucrative contributor towards the economic growth through attracting cultural tourism and even encouraging investment. Ornico’s move is aimed at achieving that economic growth and they have partnered with the City of Joburg to ensure that happens. Another significant aspect in Ornico’s move to Joburg is that the company has moved to one of Joburg’s oldest buildings and heritage sites, the Natal Bank Building, which is located at 90 Market Street. Ornico will be renovating the historical space and building onto the history that already exists.

Art lovers from all corners of the city are encouraged to visit Ornico at their new home at 90 Market Street in the inner-city and experience the art.



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