How to make it in Joburg

By ^NS –

We recently ran into a humorous piece on Mzansi memes on how to survive in Johannesburg. We have added a few extra tips because we care. Feel free to add your own tips below:

  1. Do not forget the reason you moved to Johannesburg. Most people forget and go back home with no degrees or money.
  2. Find people who inspire you, energy is contagious.
  3. Do not spend money that you will need for the rest of the month. There is nothing worse than having more month left than you do money.
  4. If you have to cross Mandela Bridge at night, walk on the road by the yellow lane, not on the pedestrian sidewalk
  5. We have meter reading schedules available on our website, don’t allow strangers in your house’
  6. Do not be naive. Always follow your intuition.
  7. Visit home. Sometimes you need to gain perspective again.
  8. Buy a car you can afford. Do not fall for false pretenses. The best car is a paid-up car.
  9. If anyone offers to give you quick and easy money if you help them with something, decline the offer
  10. Again, stay in your own financial lane
  11. Always buy food first, and put aside money for transportation. You cannot get paid if you cannot get to work.
  12. Use public transport and avoid traffic.
  13. Do not sign any contracts on the streets. Anything that requires a signature needs to be carefully thought out.
  14. Always have a back-up plan when you go to a party. Know how you will get home.
  15. Ensure that no one is behind you if you are carrying a backpack.
  16. If you are lost, rather walk into a store and figure yourself out. Do not wander around.
  17. Do not look back if someone taps your shoulder, unless they say your name.
  18. Keep your belongings in the boot of your car
  19. Stop and admire the buildings, really, the hustle should not make you blind.
  20.  Be you. You are your best asset.

Credit: Mzansi Memes. Here is a link to the full piece: Mzansi Memes


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