Joburg leadership is reloaded in 2017

By ^GZ – I had the pleasure of reporting on one of the City’s biggest events of the year: #JoziAGM2017.

Essentially the annual general meeting brings together top decisionmakers within the City of Joburg and its entities. The meeting was an exercise in introspection, during which all entities critically examined their performances for the year and what the new plans were for the new financial year ahead.


The entities recognised the problems within their systems and spelt how they plan to take proactive steps  to eradicate them. I particularly like how this encouraged accountability and taking responsibility for success and failures.

Another big part to the AGM was the announcement of the new board chairpersons for each entity as well as the board members. These are the entities’ top decisionmakers  when it comes to systems and processes.

The newly appointed board members  stood in front of everyone and committed themselves to serving residents of the City of Joburg.

However, I was quite saddened to find out that the City of Joburg Theatres had one of the lowest budgets allocated to them in comparison to the other 11 entities. Being an arts fanatic, I hope that in due time this will change and the arts in the City will also be looked at as a priority since the City of Joburg is recognised as an art district and hailed for the artists that come out of this municipality.

Take an interest in the running of your City and check out what City officials are up to in your City of Joburg.



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