Service Delivery At Your Doorstep

By ^PS – As a social media officer for the City of Johannesburg, I communicate city messages on all social media platforms, but one of the most important aspect of my job is being able to deal with complaints from residents of the city.
Being able to put myself in their shoes and handle their queries and complaints  and ensure that they are speedily resolved is one of my key job function. Queries are mostly service delivery issues, which can range from water, electricity to defective roads.

The Social Media team then  refers or redirects complaints to City entities like the Johannesburg Roads Agency, Johannesburg Water, Pikitup, City Power and the City Parks & Zoo.

This past week, entities  visited Region C in Roodepoort for the Integrated Community Outreach Programme. The programme is run on a monthly basis where different city wards are identified and the entities join hands to bring or take service delivery to residents. These services range from tree pruning, grass cutting, potholes patching, replacing faulty traffic signals, fixing illegal connections to restoring power and fixing water leakages.

This was an amazing experience for me because I was able to see the teams in action and I also witnessed how happy residents were and how much appreciation and gratitude they showed.

Teamwork always yields positive results.  I am glad the City has implemented the programme and moving forward I would like to see more efforts like these taking place at least once a week to be able to deal with the backlog in service delivery and bring hope back to residents of the City.


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  1. STILL no street lights in Montrose Avenue in Northgate area, STILL no response to SMS, email and logging via web and telephone.


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