An Integrated Development Plan for the people of Joburg

By ^GZ – When I was informed that the digital team would be required to cover the #JoburgIDP17 meetings, I thought it was just going to be another community meeting where residents gather to talk about service delivery issues. Little did I know that these Integrated Development Plan (IDP) meetings actually aim to include Joburg residents in the development plans of the City.

I went from not understanding what IDP stood for to being thoroughly impressed by the level at which the City has devised this elaborate programme for residents to table their wish list for the City that they live in.

The meetings are made for communities to engage with the municipality in order for them to receive better services. An IDP is a five-year strategic document of a council that takes office after each local government election. This 2016/21 IDP will outline the City’s commitment to address essential issues raised by communities.


Residents from various parts of Joburg regions carefully prepared for these meetings and made an effort to submit their requests on what developments they would want to see in their areas.

The most fascinating part for me during these meetings was seeing the sharp contrast of requests between the more disadvantaged communities of Joburg versus the more privileged communities. For example, residents from Alex complained about having to still use the bucket system to relieve themselves while Sandton residents complained about the state of pavements in their communities.

It all goes to show how so much more still needs to be accomplished to bridge the gap of inequality in Johannesburg. Nonetheless, it is very clear in the draft IDP presentation that the City will ensure pro-poor development that address the issues of inequality and provides meaningful redress.

But it doesn’t end there, next up the residents need to now follow up on their detailed requests and attend the Regional IDP summits, which will be a presentation of the final document of what developments the City will commit to achieving.

The dates are as follows:



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