Re-opening the doors of JAG

By ^GZ –

I was excited that the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG) would be re-opening  after it was temporarily closed down due to damage caused to the building following the rains in February this year.

Not only was JAG re-opening, but the gallery was exhibiting the stellar work of Ângela Ferreira titled South Facing. This was a fitting exhibition for the gallery’s big opening, in my opinion.


Ferreira’s work is generally focused on the ongoing impact of colonialism and post-colonialism. Her work is influenced by her dual African-Portuguese identity and it comes across in her work. Ferreira’s work depicts a lot of construction work art pieces and architectural designs but somehow she gives her art a human element. She depicts modernism in the African-colonial context, and the multifaceted social, aesthetic and architectural legacies of that time as experienced by Africans.

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Guests and visitors of JAG came out in their numbers to support the artist’s work, which was displayed on the evening of 7 May. JAG continues to support local talent and hosting Ferreira’s body of work was symbolic of this.

The City is most pleased to welcome back one of its favourite art hubs. Residents and visitors of Johannesburg are encouraged to go visit JAG. Entrance is free.




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