Walking around Joburg CBD one should feel safe

By ^PS- I have been to the Joburg CBD once or twice and little did I know that I could walk in some parts of the CBD were I could feel completely safe and not threatened or scared for my life.

On Monday, the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) together with the City of Joburg organized an inner city tour with the City Manager Dr Ndivhoniswani Lukhwareni. The idea behind this tour was to showcase developments that the JDA have achieved in and around the City by looking at the revamping, rejuvenating and creating a clean, and safe City were everyone is happy, and feels safe.

By so doing, these developments aim to change the face of the city also utilizing small spaces creatively which have now become spaces for grime and crime. Shaping the future of our City, we look at developments that are currently in place  which also benefit residents within the City, offer employment opportunities as well as provide economic spin offs.

The tour started at the Westgate Transport Hub and the Kazerne Intermodal Facility, were we looked at how this two developments will change the face of public transport in the coming years. With partnerships like South Point in Braamfontein, OPH in Gandhi Square, the Ekhaya neighbourhood community in Hillbrow, Bjala and Streelight Primary Schools in Jeppestown, the City is paving way for change not only with property development but the city is creating a community that invests in education, infrastructure, community involvement and many other things that will benefit its residents.

We passed by Main street in the CBD and the view was amazing. It felt like I was in some suburb in Sandton. These are the streets we wish to see and walk on in our everyday lives. It is so sad that we have to be frightened and scared walking in our own city. Let us be part of the change, let us combine efforts in creating a better, safe and clean city.

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