Let’s talk about gender based violence

By ^PS – With the recent incidents of gender based violence in the City, Member of the Mayoral Committee for Community Development Councillor Nonhlanhla Sifumba held an imbizo on gender based violence in Phiri, Soweto Region D under the theme “Let’s Talk Jozi on Gender Violence”.

The aim of the imbizo was to interact and open communication channels with the residents of Phiri and various stakeholders. Most of the time communities are scared or afraid to speak on issues because of fear.


We grow up in households where there is physical and emotional abuse but none of us take action against it because we are afraid of being judged by the community we live in. What happened to ubuntu, humanity – how do you watch someone else’s daughter, son, or mother being beaten up and yet you just walk away?


Young girls are being raped, beaten and killed while others are faced with these disgraceful acts because of their chosen sexual preferences. Why? How do we put a stop to this?

These are some of the conversations we need to have regularly as members of communities. One parent at the imbizo, spoke about how parents fail to ask children the correct questions. For example, ask your child where they got their new clothes from, who takes them clubbing at night and why are they allowing men (in most cases ‘blessers’) to support them financially whereas they have parents who can support them.


It is time to stand up as communities, commit and pledge to look out for one another and to become one, we need to start talking. This can start by ensuring that you have your neighbour’s contact details and knowing the people that you live with in your neighbourhood.


The imbizo aims to unearth creative ways to enhance the community’s role in the fight against gender based violence in the City. Various stakeholders such as the People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA), Soul Inspiration and the SAPS, were also present at the imbizo to contribute to the initiative.


For more information on how the City is playing its part to fight against gender based violence go to http://www.joburg.org.za



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