With urban development comes chaos

By ^GZ – It’s funny how we all want urban development but when it’s time to implement the steps that will build towards developing our areas we come up with more complaints about the development process.

Public Safety MMC Michael Sun called a meeting with the residents and construction contractors of Fourways following complaints about the interference construction work has caused in the area. Fourways is one of the fastest-developing economic and residential hubs, making it an emerging metropolis in its own right.

These construction works will not only improve the roads in Fourways, but will improve traffic flow in the busy precinct. The development of Fourways is part and parcel of how the City of Joburg is moving towards becoming a smart city. As a result, these developments will improve the economy of Fourways and the City of Johannesburg as a whole. The developments will bring in more visitors and revenue to the area, especially the newly developed Fourways Mall and the newly built residential areas.


The question then becomes: What do we really want? With development comes disruption, I would think that is quite an obvious consequence. If we want the best roads that money can buy then we must prepare for traffic while those quality roads are being built.


A little inconvenience for a lifetime of convenience is a small price to pay, but not according to the residents of Fourways. They are sick and tired of the traffic disturbances caused by construction work in the area and have requested the City of Joburg to step in and do something about it urgently.

Sun called the meeting to find some kind of middle ground on the issue with residents and contractors working in the area. This meeting was held at Lonehill Fire Station where contractors presented how far they are with the building and how they needed the City to assist in making the experience less disruptive for the community of the area.

Some of the ideas that came up was having a stronger JMPD presence on the roads to control traffic. Taxi drivers were also another big concern for the Fourways community who maintain that taxi drivers are unruly on the roads and add on to the traffic congestion in the area.

Sun and his team have promised residents of Fourways that they will partner with the building contractors to find ways to make the construction process less disruptive for those that live in the area.

However, it is also important to remember that urban development is a vital process for developing cities and the process comes with disturbances that residents need to take it into consideration, prepare for and be understanding about.

Read more about the developments taking place in Fourways on our website http://www.joburg.org.za


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  1. The communication has always been lacking. The traffic nightmares have caused me so much frustration and rage… we were stuck for 3 hours one Saturday. If we had known Witkoppen heading towards Rivonia side was closed while they worked on the bridge, we would have stayed home. I do understand the whole development thing and it’s good but communicate and schedule properly. Make sure people directing traffic know what they’re doing. And do discipline the taxis. They already bully all other road users, JMPD shouldn’t be “scared” of them. I do write about it on http://www.ithinkisayido.wordpress.com.


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