How expanded social package benefits vulnerable residents

By ^NS –

Registration for the City’s Expanded Social Package, otherwise known as the ESP or Siyasizana programme, is now officially open. It assists those who cannot afford basic living costs such as water, electricity and property rates by subsiding their rates.

The programme is specifically created to assist vulnerable groups such as child-headed households, the unemployed, employed persons who earn between R0-R5 308.20, disabled persons, HIV persons and affected families and pensioners.

Health and Social Development MMC Mpho Phalatse mentioned at the Roodepoort ESP workshop how the City’s wish is to empower its residents. “We don’t believe in creating a culture of dependency, we’re pro-poor but very pro people getting out of poverty,” she said.

“We are currently training 120 people from the ESP list to work as support staff for ESP registration.”

MMC Phalatse also called on young unemployed people to register for the ESP programme so they too can be linked up with opportunities.

How does it work? The city takes into account all the information you have submitted and weighs it according to the poverty index. Where you fall within the nationally determined poverty index indicates how much water, electricity or property rates you will receive.

The most important thing for you to do is register for these benefits, and re-register every six months. The reason behind re-registration every six months simply lies with the fact that things change; someone who was in dire need of poverty alleviation assistance six months ago may be well off today. We need to update your status and the ESP list to make room for those that cannot afford.

What you need to bring along:

  • Proof of income (SASSA) Card and 3 Months Latest Bank Statement
  • Identity document
  • City Of Johannesburg Rates & Taxes Account
  • City Power Account/prepaid Meter Card or Meter Number
  • Eskom Account/prepaid Electricity Card or Meter Number
  • Johannesburg Water Account

To qualify for the ESP package you must:

  • Be a South African citizen
  • Must reside within CoJ boundaries
  • Monthly Income (0- income not exceeding R5 308.20 per month)

You can register at any of your Customer Revenue Centres


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