Bridging the muddy crossing in Diepsloot

By Tshepiso Tshabalala

City of Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba and MMC of Transport Nhlanhla Makhuba walked the talk in Diepsloot in their orange construction outfits ready to get their hands dirty, this gave birth to the #DiesplootBridge on twitter.

In between holding a shovel and keeping an eye on the process, Mashaba had to brief Diepsloot residents on how the whole construction project will go.

As always there was a tug of war on twitter, battle lines were drawn. Some folks are for the bridge and some are against it, but we know that a coin has two sides. That was expected, “The #DiepslootBridge project will enable infrastructure development in poor communities, a sense of dignity and infrastructure in poor communities. Well done!!” @TheFirstBourne tweeted and @SinecpoS asked “why not build houses instead of bridges so we can see less people sleeping under these bridges?

Rome was not built in one day Joburgers, slowly but surely we will get there. In 12 months’ time Diepsloot folks will say bye, bye to the old, muddy and temporary pedestrian crossing and hello to the soon to be built bridge.

We can already see it happening, folks crossing to the other side of Diepsloot without worrying about falling in mud or endangering the little ones, the bridge will bring nothing less than safety and security.

Think about this, you are late for work/school and you have your white shirt on, running to the bus/taxi like your life depended on it. Suddenly you miss a step and fall in the mud which means you have to run back home to change and that again means you’ve wasted more time.

Not that we saying it will happen but we saying the unsafe and muddy crossing must fall. In with the new bridge, out with the mud. It will eliminate chances of you falling in the mud when rushing somewhere, wouldn’t that be great though? Wouldn’t you love taking walks without having to worry about mud dirtying your shoes?

The City of Joburg cannot wait to see how cool, fresh and dope the bridge will be. Exciting times fam, exciting times.

#DiepslootBridge get here already!! The city cannot wait to show you off to the people, brag about you and how safe you will be and that you were worth every cent. You didn’t believe us when we told that #JoburgCares, now you have it. You’ve seen it and there will be more than just this.


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