Jozi’s facelift is coming!

By Tshepo Tau 

Jo’burgers we are close to walking the streets of the city without fear of going live on the Grams.

The city is getting a facelift, getting rid of all the hijacked buildings that naysayers point to whenever we brag about being the New York of Africa. We are pretty sure you have seen the trending hash tag #JoburgAntiFraud on Twitter and thought ah….it’s one of those fraud busts that happen daily in the city.

Well the City of Johannesburg Forensics department , together with SAPS, and more are working on a tight strategy to bust people involved in property corruption. General Shadrack Sibiya unpacked this strategy yesterday kicking off a two day session making sure the public is aware of the plans.

We are not sure yet what will be done with the buildings once they are regained, but you can join us in crossing fingers that they are contributed towards the serious shortage of student accommodation we are facing as a city.

Next time you come across these type of buildings, just take note of them, look at them one last time because the next time you see them? They will be in a much more better condition!

The City’s WiFi is available so follow #JoburgAntiFraud on Twitter over the next two days and stay in the know.

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