Metrobus for the Metro City

By Tsephiso Tsabalala –

Buses, buses… worst mode of transport right? Hahaha you’re wrong and clearly missing out on the #JoburgMetrobus experience. Jozi’s finest, cleanest, safest and cheapest bus. Whether you use it to go to work or school, you’ll enjoy the ride with no hassles.

Did we mention that it’s cheaper to use the bus? Compared to what that other other train service offers, whose name we won’t mention, #JoburgMetrobus gets you to O.R Tambo international airport for little as R21.76, yep! plus it takes about 40-55 minutes to get you there.

Familiar with a certain route? Well it’s about time you get out of your comfort zone and explore the buses new routes, you will reach your destination faster.

The transport industry was never ready for this, that’s guaranteed. The #JoburgMetrobus era has just begun and it is setting great examples in the transport industry. For the go getters who can’t afford to lose a minute, you can download the #VayaMojoApp, use your location and viola it will show you the exact time of arrival and departure of the bus you plan to take.

The trading hours are more flexible than your yoga instructor, that’s if you have one. Mon-Fri 05:00-21:00 and Sat 06:00-14:00. Go ahead and get yourself a ticket to the heavenly sent bus. Be like the ninja’s and get your Metro bus game face on.

Familiarise yourself with the bus services by visiting their website: also go on twitter and follow the #JoburgMetro. Go metro or go be stuck in traffic, your choice.



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