Polo giants will collide at Inanda Club

By Tshepiso Tshabalala –

Fashion, good food and a great Polo tournament is what you should expect at the 2017 #InandaAfricaCup that will be taking place at the Inanda club on August 20th.

On that day African Polo masters will go head to head. We’re talking about giants from Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and not forgetting our own South African giants of course.

Polo is rather a unique sport but most people aren’t exposed to it, ask someone what kind of sport they’re into and the first thing that comes to mind is soccer, not that soccer is an unworthy sport but the point is we need to explore and learn other sports too.

The Inanda Club is giving all the food lovers, sports fanatics and not forgetting the fashion lovers a platform to learn whilst having fun. Inanda launched #InandaAfricaClub with a media experiential on 11 July 2017, those who attended were given a special Polo tutorial where they got a clearer picture as to what Polo is, how to play it and all that jazz.

Our  digital ninjas,  ^NS and ^TT plastered their experience on every Twitter street. They can sure tell you what chukkas and knee guards are now. They were amongst the likes of TV personality Lalla Hirayama, Morning Live and BET A-list presenters.

The focus was not only on the dos and don’ts of polo, @Sungoddesssafrolux showcased some of their most amazing fabrics designed by Vany Mangaliso. The #InandAfricaCup promises to be the type of day you tell your grandchildren about years from now.

The Horses are ready, the Polo giants are geared up, one question remains, are you ready?  Tickets are available at ticketpro and mason company. Book your ticket since their availability is limited.  Only six more weeks left and the tournament begins. To find out more about the Cup go on twitter and search for #InandaAfricaCup or go on the Inanda Club website.



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