Take a hike at the burbs of Northcliff

By Tshepo Tau –

Sun Screen check!

Shades check!

Hat check!


This was us dragging our melanin dripping selves to another #ExploreJoburg trip on a Friday. We are getting the nick of this hiking thing after we explored Mellville Kopies a few weeks ago and thought why not carry on and convince ourselves that we are fit for this, so we went on another exciting hiking trip, this time at NorthCliff Eco Park.

Situated at the northern suburbs of Northcliff, the hill boasts a magnificent view of Johannesburg stretching from Mohale City in the west along the entire Magaliesburg range in the north to Bedfordview in the east including Sandton, Rosebank and Randburg along the way.

More reason to check out the site is the superb vegetation with indigenous flowers we’ve spotted, a few of the 64 different species of birds spotted over the years as well as a rocky cliff stretching the entire length of the reserve. Also, the large water tower at the top of the Ridge dates back to 1939 which makes it one of the most distinctive landmarks in the area.


Bare in mind that this is the second highest point in the entire City of Johannesburg, we were given the choice to drive up the hill, but what is the purpose on going to explore a hill and driving all the way up? So we took it upon ourselves and hiked, Yes we took the strenuous walk up to the 1807 metres high peak.

Sadly we left before we could experience the breath-taking sunset but we have made a promise to return just for this. Gather your friends and loved ones and take a hike; enjoy a well-deserved picnic right at the top with Mother Nature.

Check out #ExploreNorthcliffTower on twitter and tag us on your pictures should you decide to go.


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