My library, my knowledge accessory store

BY ^TT - Hey you bookworms, what if we told you that you can now check in at your nearest library in Jozi City anytime you want, so long it’s not after 9pm? Yes you read right, if you don’t believe it check out the #JoburgLibraries. It’s the latest and hottest hashtag on Twitter.  ... Continue Reading →


How to make it in Joburg

By ^NS - We recently ran into a humorous piece on Mzansi memes on how to survive in Johannesburg. We have added a few extra tips because we care. Feel free to add your own tips below: Do not forget the reason you moved to Johannesburg. Most people forget and go back home with no... Continue Reading →

Taboo never loses its shine

By ^NS - "In some rooms you are always trapped, you enter them with grim purpose and leave them as soon as you can. Others invite you to settle and nestle in. Some buildings lift your spirit, others kill it.” Whether you describe yourself as a night or morning person, it doesn’t matter because after... Continue Reading →

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