With urban development comes chaos

By ^GZ - It’s funny how we all want urban development but when it’s time to implement the steps that will build towards developing our areas we come up with more complaints about the development process. Public Safety MMC Michael Sun called a meeting with the residents and construction contractors of Fourways following complaints about... Continue Reading →


An Integrated Development Plan for the people of Joburg

By ^GZ - When I was informed that the digital team would be required to cover the #JoburgIDP17 meetings, I thought it was just going to be another community meeting where residents gather to talk about service delivery issues. Little did I know that these Integrated Development Plan (IDP) meetings actually aim to include Joburg... Continue Reading →

How to make it in Joburg

By ^NS - We recently ran into a humorous piece on Mzansi memes on how to survive in Johannesburg. We have added a few extra tips because we care. Feel free to add your own tips below: Do not forget the reason you moved to Johannesburg. Most people forget and go back home with no... Continue Reading →

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