An Integrated Development Plan for the people of Joburg

By ^GZ - When I was informed that the digital team would be required to cover the #JoburgIDP17 meetings, I thought it was just going to be another community meeting where residents gather to talk about service delivery issues. Little did I know that these Integrated Development Plan (IDP) meetings actually aim to include Joburg... Continue Reading →


Another side to the Joburg nightlife

By ^GZ - I had a one-woman #ExploreJoburg venture at the Bridges That Connect Us art exhibition and auction in Joburg recently. Not only was I without the team this time around, but this one-woman #ExploreJoburg endeavor was at night. I was exploring the other side of the Joburg nightlife and it turns out that... Continue Reading →

Taboo never loses its shine

By ^NS - "In some rooms you are always trapped, you enter them with grim purpose and leave them as soon as you can. Others invite you to settle and nestle in. Some buildings lift your spirit, others kill it.” Whether you describe yourself as a night or morning person, it doesn’t matter because after... Continue Reading →

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